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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Predicting cognitive and mental health traits and their polygenic architecture using large-scale brain connectomics 19th Apr 2019
education_policy neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
A resource-efficient tool for mixed model association analysis of large-scale data 18th Apr 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
GWAS of 19,629 individuals identifies novel genetic variants for regional brain volumes and refines their genetic co-architecture with cognitive and mental health traits 26th Mar 2019
education_policy genomewide_association genomic_prediction Bookmark
Genetic association study of psychotic experiences in UK Biobank 22nd Mar 2019
genomewide_association genomic_prediction major_depressive_disorder neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Insight into the genetic aetiology of retinal detachment by combining small clinical and large population-based datasets 22nd Mar 2019
Scalable generalized linear mixed model for region-based association tests in large biobanks and cohorts 22nd Mar 2019
Familial influences on Neuroticism and Education in the UK Biobank 21st Mar 2019
education_policy heritability neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Advantages of genotype imputation with ethnically matched reference panel for rare variant association analyses 17th Mar 2019
Genome-Wide Polygenic Risk Scores and prediction of Gestational Diabetes in South Asian Women 16th Mar 2019
genomic_prediction heritability Bookmark
Genetic variation in apolipoprotein A-I concentrations and risk of coronary artery disease 16th Mar 2019
Genetic analysis identifies molecular systems and biological pathways associated with household income 13th Mar 2019
4d_nucleome education_policy eqtl Bookmark
Whole exome sequencing and characterization of coding variation in 49,960 individuals in the UK Biobank 11th Mar 2019
CRISPR disruption and UK Biobank analysis of a highly conserved polymorphic enhancer suggests its role in anxiety and male alcohol intake. 11th Mar 2019
crispr Bookmark
Hippocampal volume across age: Nomograms derived from over 19,700 people in UK Biobank 6th Mar 2019
Hierarchical clustering of gene-level association statistics reveals shared and differential genetic architecture among traits in the UK Biobank 6th Mar 2019
genomewide_association Bookmark
Constraint-based analysis for causal discovery in population-based biobanks 6th Mar 2019
Genetic inhibition of PCSK9, atherogenic lipoprotein concentrations, and calcific aortic valve stenosis 3rd Mar 2019
Genetic risk score for Alzheimer\'s disease is associated with poor hearing 24th Feb 2019
Genomic analysis reveals a functional role for myocardial trabeculae in adults 23rd Feb 2019
Genetic and shared couple environmental contributions to smoking and alcohol use in the UK population 22nd Feb 2019
genomic_prediction Bookmark