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Transcribed enhancers in the macrophage immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection E. Denisenko...
S. Schmeier
18th Apr 2018
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Six species of non-tuberculosis mycobacteria carry non-identical 16S rRNA gene copies K. Takeda...
S. Mitarai
17th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
The relationship between transmission time and clustering methods in Mycobacterium tuberculosis epidemiology C. J. Meehan...
B. C. D. Jong
16th Apr 2018
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Potential Animal Reservoir of Mycobacterium ulcerans: Systematic Review 11th Apr 2018
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Accelerating Prototype-Based Drug Discovery using Conditional Diversity Networks. S. Harel, K. Radinsky 10th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Structure-based drug design and characterization of sulfonyl-piperazine benzothiazinone inhibitors of DprE1 from Mycobacterium tuberculosis J. Piton...
S. T. Cole
10th Apr 2018
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A fast and agnostic method for bacterial genome-wide association studies: bridging the gap between kmers and genetic events M. Jaillard...
L. Jacob
9th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
WhiB6 is required for the secretion-dependent regulation of ESX-1 substrates in pathogenic mycobacteria. A. M. Abdallah...
A. Pain
8th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Genetic variation/evolution and differential host responses resulting from in-patient adaptation of Mycobacterium avium N. Kannan...
M. Steigedal
5th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Structures of DPAGT1 explain glycosylation disease mechanisms and advance TB antibiotic design Y. Y. Dong...
E. P. Carpenter
2nd Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Antibody-based vaccine for TB: pre-clinical validation in horse foals challenged with the TB-related pathogen Rhodococcus equi C. Cywes-Bentley...
G. B. Pier
31st Mar 2018
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Maturing Mycobacterial Peptidoglycan Required Non-canonical Crosslinks to Maintain Shape C. Baranowski...
E. H. Rego
30th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Socioeconomic status of indigenous peoples with active tuberculosis in Brazil: a principal components analysis L. P. Freitas...
P. C. Basta
29th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Identification of cyclic hexapeptides natural products with inhibitory potency against Mycobacterium tuberculosis S. B. Singh...
T. Parish
10th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Deep Learning Predicts Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Status from Whole-Genome Sequencing Data M. L. Chen...
M. Farhat
3rd Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Differential expression of an alternative splice variant of IL-12Rβ1 impacts early dissemination in the mouse and associates with disease outcome in both mouse and humans exposed to tuberculosis M. K. Das...
A. M. Cooper
26th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Trends in CRP, D-dimer and fibrinogen during therapy for HIV associated multidrug resistant tuberculosis P. G. T. Cudahy...
D. Wilson
21st Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Triggering the expression of a silent gene cluster from genetically intractable bacteria results in scleric acid discovery F. Alberti...
C. Corre
15th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
RD5-mediated lack of PE_PGRS and PPE-MPTR export in BCG vaccine strains results in strong reduction of antigenic repertoire but little impact on protection L. S. Ates...
R. Brosch
14th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Mycobacterium tuberculosis-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells differ in their capacity to recognize infected macrophages J. Yang...
S. M. Behar
10th Feb 2018
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