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Preprint Authors Date Reviews & Comments Intersect Actions
Large-scale brain network dynamics provide a measure of psychosis and anxiety in 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. 16th Feb 2019
schizophrenia Bookmark
Paternal age affects offspring\'s behavior possibly via an epigenetic mechanism recruiting a transcriptional repressor REST 16th Feb 2019
methylation Bookmark
Graph Signal Processing of Low and High-Order Dynamic Functional Connectivity Networks Using EEG Resting-State for Schizophrenia: A Whole Brain Breakdown 16th Feb 2019
brain_imaging network_science schizophrenia Bookmark
Characterization of single gene copy number variants in schizophrenia 16th Feb 2019
schizophrenia Bookmark
Epilepsy in children in Papua New Guinea: a longitudinal cohort study 16th Feb 2019
The genomic basis of mood instability: identification of 46 loci in 363,705 UK Biobank participants, genetic correlation with psychiatric disorders, and association with gene expression and function. 15th Feb 2019
eqtl heritability major_depressive_disorder schizophrenia uk_biobank Bookmark
Stratifying depression by neuroticism: revisiting a diagnostic tradition using GWAS data 14th Feb 2019
genomewide_association major_depressive_disorder uk_biobank Bookmark
Shared and dissociable features of apathy and reward system dysfunction in bipolar I disorder and schizophrenia 12th Feb 2019
schizophrenia Bookmark
Subject sex and partner sex modulate social touch responses across multiple cortical areas 12th Feb 2019
Nanoscopic Clustering of Neuroligin-3 and Neuroligin-4X Regulates Growth Cone Organization and Size 12th Feb 2019
Predictive neural processing in adult zebrafish depends on shank3b 12th Feb 2019
Characterization of Intellectual disability and Autism comorbidity through gene panel sequencing 12th Feb 2019
Adult-born neurons inhibit developmentally-born neurons in the dentate gyrus 11th Feb 2019
Unraveling Diagnostic Biomarkers of Schizophrenia through Structure-Revealing Fusion of Multi-Modal Neuroimaging Data 10th Feb 2019
brain_imaging schizophrenia Bookmark
Whole Brain Polarity Regime Dynamics are Significantly Disrupted in Schizophrenia and Correlate Strongly with Network Connectivity Measures 10th Feb 2019
schizophrenia Bookmark
Auditory prediction errors and auditory white matter microstructure as predictors of psychotic experiences in healthy individuals 10th Feb 2019
brain_imaging schizophrenia Bookmark
Investigating the effectiveness of school health services delivered by a health provider: a systematic review of systematic reviews 8th Feb 2019
education_policy Bookmark
Brain-enriched coding and long non-coding RNA genes are overrepresented in recurrent autism spectrum disorder CNVs 6th Feb 2019
ncrna Bookmark
Functional analysis of evolutionary human methylated regions in schizophrenia patients 6th Feb 2019
methylation schizophrenia Bookmark
Characterization of prevalence and health consequences of uniparental disomy in four million individuals from the general population 6th Feb 2019
uk_biobank Bookmark