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Rapid Diagnosis of Lower Respiratory Infection using Nanopore-based Clinical Metagenomics T. Charalampous...
J. O'Grady
10th Aug 2018
Featherweight long read alignment using partitioned reference indexes H. Gamaarachchi, S. Parameswaran, M. Smith 8th Aug 2018
DeepSignal: detecting DNA methylation state from Nanopore sequencing reads using deep-learning P. Ni...
J. Wang
7th Aug 2018
An amplicon-based sequencing framework for accurately measuring intrahost virus diversity using PrimalSeq and iVar N. D. Grubaugh...
K. G. Andersen
6th Aug 2018
Resolving the complex Bordetella pertussis genome using barcoded nanopore sequencing N. Ring...
S. Bagby
3rd Aug 2018
Nanopore-based DNA sequencing in clinical microbiology: preliminary assessment of basic requirements H. Harstad, R. Ahmad, A. Bredberg 2nd Aug 2018
Computer simulation of knotted proteins unfold and translocation through nano-pores M. A. Shahzad 28th Jul 2018
Evaluation of strategies for the assembly of diverse bacterial genomes using MinION long-read sequencing S. Goldstein...
J. Klassen
26th Jul 2018
Native RNA sequencing on nanopore arrays redefines the transcriptional complexity of a viral pathogen D. P. Depledge...
A. Wilson
26th Jul 2018
LRScaf: Improving Draft Genomes Using Long Noisy Reads M. Qin...
J. Ruan
24th Jul 2018
Deepbinner: Demultiplexing barcoded Oxford Nanopore reads with deep convolutional neural networks R. R. Wick, L. M. Judd, K. E. Holt 11th Jul 2018
Recentrifuge: robust comparative analysis and contamination removal for metagenomics J. M. Marti, 9th Jul 2018
Assessment of Metagenomic MinION and Illumina sequencing as an approach for the recovery of whole genome sequences of chikungunya and dengue viruses directly from clinical samples. L. E. Kafetzopoulou...
S. T. Pullan
25th Jun 2018
A chromosome-scale assembly of the sorghum genome using nanopore sequencing and optical mapping S. Deschamps...
H. Lin
22nd May 2018
Long-read sequencing identified a causal structural variant in an exome-negative case and enabled preimplantation genetic diagnosis H. Miao...
Q. Zhang
21st May 2018
Assembly of chloroplast genomes with long- and short-read data: a comparison of approaches using Eucalyptus pauciflora as a test case W. Wang...
R. Lanfear
11th May 2018
Real time portable genome sequencing for global food security L. M. Boykin...
S. Kiarie
4th May 2018
Whale watching with BulkVis: A graphical viewer for Oxford Nanopore bulk fast5 files. A. Payne...
M. Loose
3rd May 2018
Polymer translocation through nano-pores: influence of pore and polymer deformation M. A. Shahzad 3rd May 2018
SMURF-seq for fast, multiplexed copy number profiling with long-read sequencers R. K. Prabakar...
A. D. Smith
29th Apr 2018