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Moving beyond neurons: the role of cell type-specific gene regulation in Parkinson\'s disease heritability 17th Oct 2018
The effects of training population design on genomic prediction accuracy in wheat 15th Oct 2018
genomic_prediction Bookmark
Genes with high network connectivity are enriched for disease heritability 14th Oct 2018
Parkinson disease age of onset GWAS: defining heritability, genetic loci and a-synuclein mechanisms 12th Oct 2018
genomewide_association Bookmark
Minimal phenotyping yields GWAS hits of low specificity for major depression 12th Oct 2018
genomewide_association major_depressive_disorder Bookmark
Integrating brain methylome with GWAS for psychiatric risk gene discovery 12th Oct 2018
genomewide_association methylation neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Unique individual factors shape brain hubs organization of the human functional connectome 9th Oct 2018
Longitudinal plasma metabolomics of aging and sex 8th Oct 2018
Integrated analysis of genomics, longitudinal metabolomics, and Alzheimer\'s risk factors among 1,111 cohort participants 6th Oct 2018
Evidence for the Scarr-Rowe effect on genetic expressivity in a large US sample. 4th Oct 2018
education_policy Bookmark
Differences in protein dosage underlie nongenetic differences in traits 2nd Oct 2018
Panton-Valentine leukocidin is the key determinant of Staphylococcus aureus pyomyositis in a bacterial genome-wide association study 30th Sep 2018
genomewide_association Bookmark
Stage-specific transcriptomes and DNA methylomes indicate an early and transient loss of transposon control in Arabidopsis shoot stem cells 30th Sep 2018
methylation stem_cells Bookmark
Genome wide association with quantitative resistance phenotypes in Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals novel resistance genes and regulatory regions 28th Sep 2018
tuberculosis Bookmark
Heritability enrichment in open chromatin reveals cortical layer contributions to schizophrenia 27th Sep 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders schizophrenia Bookmark
Trans effects on gene expression can drive omnigenic inheritance 25th Sep 2018
Quantifying Heterogeneity in the Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits Between Ethnically Diverse Groups using Random Effect Interaction Models 21st Sep 2018
genomewide_association Bookmark
Structural variants exhibit allelic heterogeneity and shape variation in complex traits 20th Sep 2018
Disease heritability enrichment of regulatory elements is concentrated in elements with ancient sequence age and conserved function across species 19th Sep 2018
Polygenicity of complex traits is explained by negative selection 19th Sep 2018