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eQTL Mapping via Effective SNP Ranking and Screening. J. Rhyne, T. Z. . J. T. . X. J. Jeng 10th Apr 2018
Review Bookmark
Sex differences in gene expression in response to ischemia in the human myocardium G. Stone...
J. D. Muehlschlegel
31st Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Integrating Predicted Transcriptome From Multiple Tissues Improves Association Detection A. N. Barbeira...
H. K. Im
31st Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Evidence for a potential role of miR-1908-5p and miR-3614-5p in autoimmune disease risk using genome-wide analyses I. Wohlers, L. Bertram, C. Lill 22nd Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Cell-type heterogeneity in adipose tissue is associated with complex traits and reveals disease-relevant cell-specific eQTLs C. A. Glastonbury...
J. S. E. Moustafa
18th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
An eQTL landscape of kidney tissue in human nephrotic syndrome C. E. Gillies...
M. Sampson
14th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
A general framework for predicting the transcriptomic consequences of non-coding variation M. Abdalla...
C. C. Holmes
10th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Identifying gene targets for brain-related traits using transcriptomic and methylomic data from blood T. Qi...
J. Yang
7th Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for height and body mass index in ~700,000 individuals of European ancestry L. Yengo...
G. Consortium
2nd Mar 2018
Review Bookmark
A linear mixed model approach to study multivariate gene-environment interactions R. Moore...
O. Stegle
25th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Identifying tissues implicated in Anorexia Nervosa using Transcriptomic Imputation L. M. Huckins...
E. A. Stahl
14th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
The Autoimmune Disease Risk Allele rs6897932 Modulates Monocyte IL7R Surface and Soluble Receptor Levels in a Context-Specific Manner H. Al-Mossawi...
B. P. Fairfax
8th Feb 2018
Review Bookmark
Leveraging allele-specific expression to refine fine-mapping for eQTL studies J. Zou...
E. Eskin
31st Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide Analysis of Insomnia (N=1,331,010) Identifies Novel Loci and Functional Pathways P. R. Jansen...
D. Posthuma
30th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Selection-adjusted inference: an application to confidence intervals for cis-eQTL effect sizes. S. Panigrahi, C. S. . J. Zhu 29th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Genomic dissection of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Distinct Susceptibility, Activity and Severity Signatures N. I. Panousis...
D. T. Boumpas
27th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Genome-wide analysis of RNA editing levels in human blood identified interactions with mRNA processing genes and suggested correlations with biological and drug-related variables E. Giacopuzzi...
A. Barbon
25th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Genetic architecture of gene expression traits across diverse populations L. S. Mogil...
H. E. Wheeler
10th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
An ancient fecundability-associated polymorphism creates a new GATA2 binding site in a distal enhancer of HLA-F K. M. Mika...
V. J. Lynch
8th Jan 2018
Review Bookmark
Putative bovine topological association domains and CTCF binding motifs can reduce the search space for causative regulatory variants of complex traits M. Wang...
B. J. Hayes
4th Jan 2018
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