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Thermodynamic Measures of Human Brain Development from Fetal Stage to Adulthood 14th Feb 2019
Thermodynamic Measures of Human Brain Developmentfrom Fetal Stage to Adulthood 13th Feb 2019
High resolution single-cell chromatin 3D modeling reveals coherent chromatin aggregation with varied structures in controlling genome function stability 12th Feb 2019
The genomic landscape of metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancers using whole genome sequencing reveals multiple distinct genotypes with potential clinical impact 12th Feb 2019
recombination Bookmark
Selfish: Discovery of Differential Chromatin Interactions via a Self-Similarity Measure 7th Feb 2019
Quantitative prediction of enhancer-promoter interactions 6th Feb 2019
Interplay of pericentromeric genome organization and chromatin landscape regulates the expression of Drosophila melanogaster heterochromatic genes 30th Jan 2019
An allele-specific functional SNP associated with two autoimmune diseases modulates IRF5 expression by long-range chromatin loop formation 30th Jan 2019
crispr eqtl systemic_lupus_erythematosus Bookmark
Observing the origins of human brain development: Automated processing of fetal fMRI 23rd Jan 2019
brain_imaging Bookmark
p63 cooperates with CTCF to modulate chromatin architecture in skin keratinocytes 22nd Jan 2019
Chromatin interactome mapping at 139 independent breast cancer risk signals 17th Jan 2019
BEHST: genomic set enrichment analysis enhanced through integration of chromatin long-range interactions 16th Jan 2019
crispr Bookmark
A general decrease of normalized ncDNA in evolution 4th Jan 2019
ChIA-PIPE: A fully automated pipeline for ChIA-PET data analysis and visualization Dec 2018
Revealing Hi-C subcompartments by imputing high-resolution inter-chromosomal chromatin interactions Dec 2018
Establishing Cerebral Organoids as Models of Human-Specific Brain Evolution Dec 2018
cis-Regulatory Chromatin Contacts in Neural Cells Reveal Contributions of Genetic Variants to Complex Neurological Disorders Dec 2018
crispr rnaseq Bookmark
Reorganization of 3D Genome Structure May Contribute to Gene Regulatory Evolution in Primates Nov 2018
rnaseq Bookmark
Non-monotonic regulation of gene expression, neural progenitor fate and brain growth by the chromatin remodeller CHD8 Nov 2018
neurodevelopmental_disorders Bookmark
Nucleosome positions alone determine micro-domains in yeast chromosomes. Nov 2018