Review for "An Automated Approach to the Quantitation of Vocalizations and Vocal Learning in the Songbird"

Completed on 17 Sep 2017 by Shengchao Alfred Li . Sourced from

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Comments to author

This is a mini-review of this article by Metz, DG and Brainard, MS. Praises are omitted. Only concerns that may potentially improve the article are presented. I do not have major concerns. Follwing are some minor concerns.

1. Reference 12 should have only 2 authors (Mandelblat-Cerf and Fee) but 6 authors were listed.
2. There are both learners and non-learners of songbirds. The first paragraph of Introduction sounds like there are only learners. Also the song structure described there may be specific to certain songbirds.
3. Fig 2C caption said the matrix was M by N. Should that be N by M?
4. Fig 5B. The curves should not start from zero. This point will be apparent if a non-deafened control curve is added to the plot. It would start from zero, deteriorate at week two and keep flat afterwards. This would be misleading. The correct way is to use a separate set of songs for each of the birds before deafening, compute their CE's with their reference sets, and use these CE's at time 0.
5. It is not clear from the text or caption of Fig 6 whether the data was from Bengalese finch or from Zebra finch. I guess they are from Zebra finch. But it was not indicated.
6. Figure 6D caption does not match Figure 6D.