Review for "Universal Patterns Of Selection In Cancer And Somatic Tissues"

Completed on 1 May 2017 by Robert Lanfear . Sourced from

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Comments to author

This is pretty amazing stuff, very much enjoyed the ms. I would love to see two things here:

1. A discussion in the main ms (perhaps it is buried in the supps somewhere, which I didn't read in detail) of the power of the new method. E.g. roughly how many mutations would one have to measure to have a hope of using the models you propose (e.g. 192 rates in the trinucleotide model presumably requires a decent amount of variation as input; this is compounded by trying to estimate mutation rates for each gene, even using a binomial regression).

2. Implementations of the methods, with READMEs etc to get people started. I notice that you mention this on Twitter, but I think the impact of the ms would be much higher with available implementations.

A question related to point 1 on power. It seems like a standard model selection framework (e.g. hLRT or AICc) should work well here to decide how many parameters one can/should be estimating for a given dataset, and thus whether fitting a full 192 rate model is justified. Does this seem right to you?