Review for "Reducing workplace burnout: The relative benefits of cardiovascular and resistance exercise"

Completed on 1 Feb 2015 by Chen Ruey-Yu. Sourced from Publons:


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Basic reporting

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Experimental design

1.In this study, participants were randomly allocated to three groups (control, cardiovascular exercise and resistance exercise), aims to distinguish the relative effectiveness against well-being, perceived stress, and burnout among three groups. Base on the purpose, it is very important of measuring exercise patterns and intensity accurately in study design. However, the author only showed participants’ exercise status but did not compare the participants’ exercise status among three groups at the beginning of study. Another concern is if the participants in different group had been polluted by another groups, for example, some of participants increased their exercise frequency or duration because the motivation of exercise were excited; or the participants of resistance exercise might increase cardiovascular exercise besides conducted resistance exercise. Pease give detailed description on how to avoid the problems above mentioned. If the author could not exclude such problem, please add some discussion about it.
2.The author just mentioned participants’ job status was similar, however the job contents and work load could affect workers psychological and physical health conditions. Please briefly describe the participants’ job contents and work load in order to prove no difference among three groups.
3.Although the number of subject is quite low but it was discussed adequately.

Validity of the findings

According to table 1, it seems that not all of the measures of Perceived Stress Scale and MBI at baseline were equal among three study groups, using data of subscale change is more suitable than using data at four weeks when comparing the effects of intervention(table 2 and 3).

Comments for the author

Burnout is a very important issue in occupational health. The supporting environments in workplace (in this case exercise) are most significant fields for improvements. This is a pilot study to clarify if the pattern and intensity of exercise could get different effects on reducing burnout and perceived stress. We can see something new about the relationship of the health effects and pattern of exercise. However, this study has major weak points such as small sample size and short intervention duration, a conservative conclusion is recommended.