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Preprint Authors Area Date Reviews
The rust fungus Melampsora larici-populina expresses a conserved genetic program and distinct sets of secreted protein genes during infection of its two host plants, larch and poplar C. Lorrain ... S. Duplessis Evolutionary Biology Dec 2017 R1
Genetic architecture drives seasonal onset of hibernation in the 13-lined ground squirrel K. R. Grabek ... C. D. Bustamante Genetics Dec 2017 R1
The Generation and Propagation of the Human Alpha Rhythm M. Halgren ... S. S. Cash Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
Voluntary control of illusory contour formation W. Harrison, R. Rideaux, Neuroscience Nov 2017 R1
TaxAss: Leveraging Custom Databases Achieves Fine-Scale Taxonomic Resolution R. R. Rohwer ... K. D. McMahon Bioinformatics Nov 2017 R1
Using experimental data as a voucher for study pre-registration M. Mazor ... R. Mukamel Pharmacology And Toxicology Nov 2017 R1
Privacy and anonymity in public sharing of high-dimensional datasets: legal and ethical restrictions J. J. E. V. M. R. K. a. M. Lorist Sep 2017 R1
Porcupine: a visual pipeline tool for neuroimaging analysis T. v. Mourik ... D. Norris Neuroscience Sep 2017 R1
Chiron: Translating nanopore raw signal directly into nucleotide sequence using deep learning H. Teng ... L. Coin Aug 2017 R1, R2
Science with no fiction: measuring the veracity of scientific reports by citation analysis P. Grabitz ... S. Rife Pharmacology And Toxicology Aug 2017 R1
The Reproducibility Of Research And The Misinterpretation Of P Values D. Colquhoun, Aug 2017 R1
Introgression patterns between house mouse subspecies and species reveal genomic windows of frequent exchange K. K. Ullrich ... D. Tautz Jul 2017 R1
Widespread translational remodeling during human neuronal differentiation J. D. Blair ... S. N. Floor Plant Biology Jun 2017 R1
The β3-integrin endothelial adhesome regulates microtubule dependent cell migration S. J. Atkinson ... S. D. Robinson Cell Biology Jun 2017 R1
Biological classification with RNA-Seq data: Can alternative splicing enhance machine learning classifier? N. T. Johnson ... D. Korkin Bioinformatics Jun 2017 R1
Multifactorial Chromosomal Variants Regulate Polymyxin Resistance In Extensively Drug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae M. Pitt ... L. J. M. Coin Microbiology May 2017 R1
Why Do Scientists Fabricate And Falsify Data? A Matched-Control Analysis Of Papers Containing Problematic Image Duplications D. Fanelli ... E. M. Bik Scientific Communication And Education Apr 2017 R1
Preprinting Microbiology P. D. Schloss, Microbiology Mar 2017 R1
Cohesion: A method for quantifying the connectivity of microbial communities C. Herren, K. McMahon, Cancer Biology Feb 2017 R1
A defined platform of human peri-gastrulation-like biological fate patterning reveals coordination between Reaction-Diffusion and Positional-Information M. Tewary ... P. W. Zandstra Developmental Biology Jan 2017 R1, R2
Lateral geniculate neurons show robust ocular dominance plasticity J. Jaepel ... T. Rose Neuroscience Jan 2017 R1
Testing pseudo-linear models of responses to natural scenes in primate retina A. Heitman ... E. Chichilnisky Neuroscience Dec 2016 R1
Theory for the spatiotemporal interaction between lytic phages and biofilm-dwelling bacteria M. Simmons ... V. Bucci Microbiology Dec 2016 R1
BIDS Apps: Improving ease of use, accessibility and reproducibility of neuroimaging data analysis methods K. J. Gorgolewski ... R. Poldrack Neuroinformatics Oct 2016 R1
Contrasting genome dynamics between domesticated and wild yeasts J. Yue ... G. Liti Genomics Sep 2016 R1
Empirical assessment of published effect sizes and power in the recent cognitive neuroscience and psychology literature D. Szucs, J. P. Ioannidis, Neuroscience Aug 2016 R1
Transformation and model choice for RNA-seq co-expression analysis A. Rau, C. Maugis-Rabusseau, Bioinformatics Jul 2016 R1
sCNAphase: using haplotype resolved read depth to genotype somatic copy number alterations from low cellularity aneuploid tumors W. Chen ... L. Coin Bioinformatics Jul 2016 R1, R2
The queenslandensis and the type form of the dengue fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti L.) are genomically indistinguishable G. Rašić ... A. A. Hoffmann Genomics Jul 2016 R1, R2, R3
Theta-burst transcranial magnetic stimulation to the prefrontal or parietal cortex does not impair metacognitive visual awareness D. Bor ... A. K. Seth Neuroscience Jun 2016 R1
Scaffolding and Completing Genome Assemblies in Real-time with Nanopore Sequencing M. D. Cao ... L. Coin Bioinformatics May 2016 R1, R2, R3
Wheat blast disease caused by Pyricularia graminis-tritici sp. nov. V. L. Castroagudin ... P. Ceresini Evolutionary Biology Apr 2016 R1
Heat*seq: an interactive web tool for high-throughput sequencing experiment comparison with public data G. Devailly, A. Mantsoki, A. Joshi Bioinformatics Apr 2016 R1
plasmidSPAdes: Assembling Plasmids from Whole Genome Sequencing Data D. Antipov ... P. Pevzner Bioinformatics Apr 2016 R1
Lateral genetic transfers between eukaryotes and bacteriophages S. R. Bordenstein, S. R. Bordenstein, Genomics Apr 2016 R1
Detecting distortions of peripherally-presented letter stimuli under crowded conditions T. S. A. Wallis ... F. A. Wichmann Neuroscience Apr 2016 R1
Streaming algorithms for identification of pathogens and antibiotic resistance potential from real-time MinION sequencing M. D. Cao ... L. Coin Bioinformatics Apr 2016 R1
Many long intergenic non-coding RNAs distally regulate mRNA gene expression levels I. McDowell ... B. E. Engelhardt Genomics Mar 2016 R1
Relic DNA is abundant in soil and obscures estimates of soil microbial diversity P. Carini ... N. Fierer Ecology Mar 2016 R1
Evidence for selective attention in the insect brain B. L. d. Bivort, B. v. Swinderen, Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
Accurate promoter and enhancer identification in 127 ENCODE and Roadmap Epigenomics cell types and tissues by GenoSTAN B. Zacher ... J. Gagneur Genomics Feb 2016 R1
CRISPR-directed mitotic recombination enables genetic mapping without crosses M. J. Sadhu ... L. Kruglyak Genetics Feb 2016 R1
sCNAphase: using haplotype resolved read depth to genotype somatic copy number alterations from low cellularity aneuploid tumors W. Chen ... L. Coin Bioinformatics Feb 2016 R1, R2
Are reading and face processing related? An investigation of reading in developmental prosopagnosia R. Starrfelt ... C. Gerlach Neuroscience Feb 2016 R1
A community overlap strategy reveals central genes and networks in heart failure P. Cordero ... E. A. Ashley Genomics Jan 2016 R1
Enhancing the precision of our understanding about mentalizing in adults with autism M. V. Lombardo ... S. Baron-Cohen Animal Behaviour And Cognition Dec 2015 R1
Streaming algorithms for identification of pathogens and antibiotic resistance potential from real-time MinIONTM sequencing M. D. Cao ... L. Coin Bioinformatics Dec 2015 R1, R2
The Ionotropic Receptors IR21a and IR25a mediate cool sensing in Drosophila L. Ni ... P. A. Garrity Neuroscience Nov 2015 R1
Real-time strain typing and analysis of antibiotic resistance potential using Nanopore MinION sequencing M. D. Cao ... L. Coin Bioinformatics May 2015 R1, R2, R3
Aligning sequence reads, clone sequences and assembly contigs with BWA-MEM H. Li, Bioinformatics May 2013 R1